Roof Hail Repair

Homeowners who are caught unaware of storm damage or hail can suffer severe consequences. In Florence, storm damage is common. In 2019, over 18,000 Florence properties filed hail loss claims.

Your home is one of the most important investments you make. We know that it should be taken care of. You must be prepared to respond to storm damage or hail to your home when it is damaged.

Don’t be taken by surprise by a tornado, windstorm, or thunderstorm. These are the steps to take if your Florence home is damaged by a storm or windstorm. Check out these expert roofer tips:

1. Examine for roof and siding damage

It is important to inspect your roof and siding after a storm passes for damage from hail, wind, and snow.

These are some of the things to look at when evaluating your home’s condition:

Yard Debris

Assess the condition of your yard for missing shingles and broken siding panels.

Structural damage

Strong storms, tornadoes, and winds can cause damage to your home by causing trees and other objects to fall on top. Call a professional immediately if you suspect or notice any structural damage to the home.

Broken Siding

Your siding may have been damaged by the storm. To check for siding damage, take a walk around your house.

Damaged roofing

It’s common for strong wind storms and hail storms both to blow roof shingles off and for roof damage from hail storms. You should inspect your roof for missing shingles or metal fascia. Also, check the condition of exhaust pipes and the exterior edges of your house. To ensure safety, you should perform your roof inspection from the ground. If you feel the roof needs to be climbed, call an experienced roofer.

2. Locate a trusted contractor

Roof damage repair and replacement should be done quickly to avoid further problems. Call a roofing contractor if you suspect storm damage or hail damage to your house. You may not be aware of these things if a trained professional is present.

  • You cannot see the ground for small cracks or other damage.
  • Roof leaks, missing or damaged shingles, and roof tiles that aren’t properly aligned.
  • Broken, cracked, or damaged siding
  • Paint damage

After the evaluation, your contractor will compile a detailed list of storm damage to share with your insurance agent.

3. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Call your agent immediately after you have worked with your contractor to assess the storm damage. These are some tips to help you work with an insurance agent.

Reexamine Your Policy

Make sure your policy covers hail and wind damage. To protect against future damage, consider purchasing a separate wind insurance policy.

Calculate Your Deductible

Be aware that filing a claim can increase your insurance rates. Consider whether your deductible is sufficient to cover the cost of the claim, or if it would be more economical to pay out-of-pocket.

Keep in mind, however, that many homes have a percent-based hail and wind deductible. Talk to your agent about the coverage that you need and how much it will cost.

You should file your claim promptly

You must file your hail and storm damage claims promptly if you intend to do so. You can ask your agent for information about the claim deadlines, but most policies require that you file a claim within one year of receiving the hail damage. All work submitted with your claim should be kept in receipts. These expenses will be reimbursed by many policies.

Rely on us for damage repair

Our team at Florence Roofing Experts has the expertise to assist you in every step of your hail and storm damage repair.

We will help you with:

  • Conducting a complete inspection of your home’s roof and gutters, doors, and siding and finding hail, wind, ice, and other storm damage
  • Create a list of all the issues we find and share it with your agent.
  • Provide a free estimate and a roof repair plan. No hidden fees or costs.
  • We can help you navigate the insurance claims process

We can help you with any type of roof repair or replacement. Call us at 843-503-2348.

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