When And Why You Need A Roof Inspection

You are now convinced that you need a new roof. A few roofing contractors come to your home and give you a quote. They tell you that they must inspect your roof. They circle your home and climb up to the roof. You wonder what they are doing. Are they looking for something? What are they looking for?

Untrained eyes can find it difficult to understand the process of roof inspections. We have put together a list of the things Florence/Darlington roofing contractors look for when inspecting a roof.

Broken or missing shingles

Asphalt shingles make up about 80% of all residential roofs in America. This type of roofing material becomes brittle over time, especially after being exposed to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for a number of decades. Brittle shingles can break or crack. Wind can tear off pieces of shingles and even entire roofs can be torn.

It could indicate poor roof installation if large shingles or entire roofs are torn. Incorrectly installed shingles will most likely fail quickly. A poor installation can result in a void warranty. A bad installation can lead to shingles falling apart before they are ready. This is something that manufacturers know well. To avoid expensive repairs down the road, it is possible to have your roof replaced if the shingles start to fall off.

Mold, Mildew, and Moss

Unsightly spots on your roof can be caused by mildew, mold, and moss. Your problem is not just cosmetic. These growths can cause damage to your shingles or underlayment. These growths also don’t happen overnight. Moss, mildew, and mold are signs of an older roof. Florence Roofing Experts will be watching for signs of mold and mildew when your roof is being inspected.

They all require moisture to survive. They develop raised masses as they grow which can block water runoff. As more moisture accumulates on the roof’s surface more moss, mildew and mold will develop. This is a vicious cycle that can cause damage to your shingles.

Ventilation issues

Are you letting your roof breathe properly? Insufficient attic ventilation can be one of the most dangerous problems a roof will face. Bad ventilation can allow hot air to enter the roof deck. This will cause shingles to become brittle and curling.

Poor ventilation can cause ice dams in gutters for houses that are located near ice and snow. Ice dams can cause moisture to seep under the shingles and can lead to roof deck rot.

A roofing contractor will inspect the roof for any eave vents or ridge vents. They may also look for mechanical ventilation systems. These vents allow air to flow through the attic. They move warm and moist air out and let cool and dry air in. If the roofing contractor feels that you don’t have enough ventilation, they can recommend solutions to get it moving.

Florence Roofing Experts is the right choice if you need a trustworthy roofing contractor to assist you with your roofing needs.

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